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Inquire to see the designs presented to Convercent

Client //



Layna Boyd – Content Writer

Elysia Syriac – Art Director

Tricia Francis – Developer

My Role //

UX Designer


Convercent offers compliance solutions that gather, report, analyze and offer predictions about up-to-the-minute data. Their corporate compliance software is for any organization that wants to put compliance into the driver’s seat of business strategy.

I got the great opportunity to design the website for their largest customer acquisition event, CONVERGE18.

Designed with people in mind


One of the most viewed items at the conference is the agenda. Knowing where to be, who’s speaking, and preparing for the next event is critical for a successful conference.

Converge has large assembly with keynote speakers that present on stage with the house lights off. Just like going to a movie theater, nobody likes being distracted by bright phones. But that is inevitable especially at a conference. A solution to help minimize distractions was to make the background of the agenda dark on mobile screens. Less distraction more attention.